Custom Hearing Protectors for the well-being of your workers

These custom hearing protectors device outperform all other devices on the market. They enable interpersonal communication and are comfortable, convenient and cost-effective. These are the most sought-after hearing protectors worldwide.

How do we create such a comfortable hearing protector ?

Custom hearing protectors 3D scanning process

Our manufacturing process works as follows :

  • We take an impression, or mold, of the ear canals of every employee
  • The mould is 3D scanned to create a computerised image
  • The computerised image is modelled into the smallest, lightest and most comfortable hearing protector possible

This comprehensive process ensures that each hearing protector device fits perfectly, with 100-micron precision (the width of a strand of hair). They are so comfortable that they can be worn all day.

Protected, but not isolated

The hearing protector is personalised for each employee by our filter selection process : SAPAN® considers the noise level, level of perception, and the unique requirements of each employee.

Qeos offers two ranges of filters, each providing a different level of attenuation

Best Hearing Protection to communicate
Do you need to communicate ?

Qeos Original Sound

The noise level is reduced evenly across all frequencies. This hearing protector comes with 3 Uniform Response type filters.

Qeos Original Sound - Best Hearing Protection
  • Even attenuation across all frequencies
  • 3 filters : SLC80 15, 20 and 24
  • 6-Year Warranty
Qeos Original Sound - Uses

Best Hearing Protection to work in a very noisy environment
Do you work in a very noisy environment ?

Qeos XT

The noise level is reduced across most frequencies. The hearing protector comes with 4 different filters.

Hearing Protection Qeos XT to work safely in high noise levels
  • High Frequency Attenuation
  • 4 filters : SLC80 22, 23, 24 and 27
  • 6-Year Warranty
Qeos XT - Uses

Experience the attenuation and the effectiveness of the devices through these simulations :

Noise exposure in a printing company.

Without hearing protectors

With Qeos OS hearing protectors

With Qeos XT hearing protectors

Your employees' working conditions can change; their hearing protectors can evolve as well !

Is your employee moving into a different position? Perhaps working with a new, quieter machine ?

Use SAPAN® and, if necessary, change the ear protectors' filters, using the Filter Box. It takes less than two minutes!

Opt for:

  • Safety and convenience : Your employees always have the right level of protection, as their filters can be changed on the spot.
  • Timeliness : Employees can change their filters whenever necessary, on their own. It's easy and fast.
Custom hearing protectors for every position

Maintaining your custom hearing protectors is simple

Primo Optimum kit

Your hearing protectors need daily cleaning, and we've made this as quick and easy as possible

  • By using Cleanil effervescent solution, you can be sure that your protection is perfectly clean, and that you are maintaining the effectiveness of the acoustic filter.
  • Our custom hearing protectors have handles (both with and without a cord) which ensure that you never need to touch the actual ear plug, no matter how dirty your hands are.
  • Our ear plug material, Crylit, is non-porous so it never absorbs dirt and can be quickly and easily cleaned with our Cleanil wipes.

With or without a handle, and with or without a cord, Cotral Lab Custom Hearing Devices adapt to your employees’ needs, at their workstations.

Cotral Lab hearing protectors are Food Processing Industry compliant. A fully detectable electro-magnetic ball and cord are offered.

Conveniently manage your hearing protectors online

Your personal and secured online access to the customer area of Cotral Lab’s website makes it easy to manage your devices in one central location. You can also place orders and facilitate implementation of solutions from the very beginning.

The ear molds, once taken on-site, within the timeframe you decide, are digitally stored on our servers. This saves you time in cases where remanufacturing is required.

Customer area

You have no worries with the Effi‐6 total guarantee !

Effi-6 total guarantee

Enjoy the Effi-6 Guarantee for six years from date of purchase. You can have any Qeos hearing protector remanufactured, at no cost to you, in the event of:

  • A material defect
  • Lack of comfort
  • Protector inefficiency, as demonstrated by CAPA©

Learn more about the validation of the effectiveness