Hearing Protection & Noise Risk Management

Cotral Lab keeps you informed in our articles below. From hearing health risks to new laws and case studies, discover all you need to know about hearing protection and related issues.

Environmental Impact of Earplugs

Disposable earplugs, an environmental nightmare - Custom moulded earplugs, an environmentally friendly solution

safety ear muffs

High attenuation, reusable, good value for money, Earmuffs (ear defenders) appear to be one of the best solutions to fight against noise. Are they really?

How are your Cotral Lab moulded ear plugs made?

Hearing protection is a key factor in the success of your fight against occupational deafness. Discover how Cotral Lab moulded earplugs are made!

Qeos, comfortable and effective custom-made hearing protection

8 key points guide the selection of the best adapted custom hearing protection. How does custom-made hearing protection measure up?

Ear plugs Fit Testing

Most of us assume that when we wear hearing protection, we are adequately protected from the noise around us. But is that a correct assumption?

Health and safety at work

This article explores the current status of occupational health and safety and discusses what the future may hold for WHS in the Australian workplace.

disposable earplugs

Despite the rise in safety culture and legal obligations, cases of occupational noise-induced hearing loss are increasing. What exactly is the situation?

How to choose the the best hearing protector

Comfort, communication, ease of use and hygiene are the 4 major criteria for your employees to wear their hearing protectors 100% of the time spent on noise. Find out which type of protector (helmet, disposable cap, reusable cap or custom hearing protector) best meets these needs.