Case studies about hearing protection in the workplace

While implementing a hearing preservation solution against occupational noise, you might ask yourself the following questions: what types of hearing protection devices are the most effective for my employees? Are they going to wear their devices at all times when exposed to noise? What if they need to communicate? How about cost-effectiveness?

Before making a decision, knowing the difference between each type of protector (earmuffs, disposable ear plugs, custom moulded ear plugs, etc.) is essential.

With these case studies, let us guide you in making the right choice for your employees' hearing health.

safety ear muffs

High attenuation, reusable, good value for money, Earmuffs (ear defenders) appear to be one of the best solutions to fight against noise. Are they really?

disposable earplugs

Despite the rise in safety culture and legal obligations, cases of occupational noise-induced hearing loss are increasing. What exactly is the situation?

How to choose the the best hearing protector

Comfort, communication, ease of use and hygiene are the 4 major criteria for your employees to wear their hearing protectors 100% of the time spent on noise. Find out which type of protector (helmet, disposable cap, reusable cap or custom hearing protector) best meets these needs.